Customised Environmental and Heritage Information Management Solutions

Cultural Site Management Systems developed by ESS allow indigenous communities to archive important documents, video and photographs that describe their history and culture. A mapping interface is used to record locations and characteristics of sacred sites, areas and tracks. Once these locations have been recorded, a wide range of file types and forms specific to each feature can be added. This effectively creates a “keeping place” where information is permanently archived. The system also acts as an management tool. Users of the system can be prompted to revisit, monitor and maintain culturally significant places, areas and objects.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Data Analysis

ESS has many years experience using GIS to analyse data for a range of National Parks and Environmental Management organisations. ESS has also developed a range of web based tools for viewing and interrogating maps and other geograhic data.

Recreational Use Monitoring In National Parks and Other Wilderness Areas

Web applications have been developed for Mt Rainier National Park in Washington State, Prince William Sound in Alaska and Saguaro National Park in Arizona to capture visitor use information online quickly and effectively. Once visitors have completed their trip in these wilderness areas they are encouraged to login to the system to log details of their trip. Visitors are prompted to record destination, durations of stay, encounters and and levels of enjoyment using a map based interface. This online tool is a central repository for visitor use information. it provides a cost effective solutions for acquiring data that can be analysed and used in the visitor management and planning process