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About us

Environmental Systems Solutions (ESS) has spent many years working with a diverse range of organisations throughout Australia and the Pacific. Our core focus is to help our clients take control of their cultural and environmental information so that it can be used most effectively. Through our products and services, we help our partners achieve important educational, communication, business management and business development outcomes. We maintain ongoing relationships with various federal and state government departments, educational institutes and natural resource management agencies. We also utilise our network of partners to facilitate effective engagement and information sharing between all parties.

ESS has a long history of helping indigenous groups establish their own cultural and environmental information management systems. These systems encompass tools and methodologies for data collection, management, analysis and presentation. Importantly these systems consider cultural protocols to ensure that traditional knowledge and values can be recorded and then shared appropriately with external stakeholders.

ESS has developed proven consultation methodologies, knowledge management software and community based monitoring tools that have been refined over the past 20 years.