Shaolhaven Defence Estate Heritage Management System



The Shoalhaven Defence Estate is comprised of HMAS CRESWELL, HMAS ALBATROSS, Jervis Bay Range Facility, Bhewerre Ridge and Beecroft Peninsula. These areas contain many sites and assets that have significant heritage value. Types of heritage found within the estate include aboriginal rock art shelters, shell middens, scarred trees, buildings of heritage significance and a range of moveable heritage items. A diverse and extensive range of documentation including reports, photographs, maps and drawings has been collected to describing characteristics of heritage assets and guidelines for their future management.

The Department of Defence engaged ESS to develop of a Shoalhaven Defence Estate Cultural Site Management System (SDECSMS) to provide a framework for the management of sites and associated information within the Shoalhaven Defence Estate (SDE). ESS was able to utilise existing technology developed for Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to implement the prototype system. Initially a small set of information was entered to demonstrate the basic useability and functionality of the system. A document was also provided by ESS that listed the next set of tasks required to populate the database.

In recent times this system has been populated with all available heritage site documentation. An audio visual catalogue showcasing European and Indigenous sites was also compiled and enetered into the heritage database.