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Njanjma Aboriginal Corporation

ESS’s ongoing partnership with the Njanjma Aboriginal Corporation (NAC) has seen us deliver an expanding suite of services that focus on building capacity to operate and grow their businesses.

Originally, working with the Njanjma Rangers involved implementing a cultural heritage management and work planning/recording system. This system grew into a tailored Business Management System (BMS), which facilitated administrative requirements such as budgeting, staff management, and reporting. The improved performance and increased transparency generated by the BMS allowed NAC to attract more contracts and grants, which has grown their land and cultural management operations and enabled them to employ more local people.

Since then, we have provided a host of subsequent solutions that have targeted achieving their Healthy Country Plan and continuing to build overall business capacity. The variety of solutions provided for NAC is testament to our ongoing commitment to clients and our capacity to adapt and expand our solutions to suit their needs.

Solutions provided:

Project management and work planning

Cultural heritage and traditional knowledge recording

Visitor management and permits

Field-based data collection

Cultural mapping

Traditional knowledge guardianship

Financial management