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Njanjma Aboriginal Corporation

ESS’s ongoing partnership with the Njanjma Aboriginal Corporation (NAC) has seen us deliver an expanding suite of services that focus on building their capacity to operate and grow their business in line with the priorities set out by their Healthy Country Plan.

This has included collaboratively developing and implementing an information management system with the capacity to:

Our partnership with NAC has also led to us taking the lead in the delivery of several projects, including: 

These solutions and projects have increased NAC’s organisational capacity to better manage country and culture. Combined with improved reporting transparency, NAC has been able to attract more contracts and grants, thereby growing their operations and enabling them to employ more local people. 

We are very proud of our partnership with NAC and believe that variety of solutions we have worked on together is testament to our ongoing commitment to clients and our capacity to adapt and expand our solutions to suit their needs.

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