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Njanjma Rangers Business Management Systems

  • Project management and work scheduling creating greater transparency and professionalism
  • Control and governance of cultural information
  • Utilising traditional knowledge and cultural values to drive land and sea management
  • The structure needed to underpin monitoring and assessment methodologies.
  • Reporting back to stakeholders
  • Organisational transparency and accountability
  • Tracking progress of the work force against predefined metrics and targets
  • Human resource management and tracking the development of individuals

Work plans can be added to the system so that staff can provide live updates on the status of activities, individual targets, budgets and costs.  This allows the organisation to manage their time and budgets effectively.  Program coordinators can create and assign ‘Jobs’ to other staff members. Each staff member has a calendar of pending tasks that require attention. Outcomes of tasks can be measured against a set of predefined targets on demand.

Map, store and share cultural information.  Cultural sites, places , plants, animals, seasons stories, language can be linked, managed and shared using cultural protocols. This knowledge can relate specifically to work plan items. Weaving traditional knowledge into work practices is fundamental.

Specific land and sea management activities are recorded using mobile data collection devices.  The data is then immediately available to view in the system.  Customised reports generate statistical summaries that can be used for internal decision making or stakeholder reporting.

A suite of reports or data summary templates are used to prompt future land management activity and to communicate the progress of the Njanjma Rangers to their stakeholders. Maps, charts and tables are produced to service the requirements of the different audiences.

A suite of tools are used to manage staff qualifications of accredited and non-accredited training. Senior staff can manage timesheets, and keep track of personal development pathways and milestones.