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Cultural heritage and traditional knowledge recording

We can help to implement your own customised database that can be  used to record and manage a broad range of cultural heritage information and traditional knowledge. These tools use a combination of web, database and mapping technologies. These systems can be used to keep records of sites, tracks, places, language, stories, artefacts, traditional practices, seasons, plants, animals, traditional ecology, people and families. A diverse range of other materials including documents, photos, videos, reports can be attached to those items. Any information recorded within the system can be shared to groups of users by the person entering the data.

Key features:

  • Account based protection and sharing of culturally sensitive information
  • Record features such as sites, tracks and management zones using an interactive GIS/mapping interface
  • Record and manage data relating to people, flora, fauna, museum collections and any other item or object
  • Easily design data entry forms that allows users to record and manage photos, videos, documents,reports, spreadsheets etc..
  • Automatically import existing photos, videos and reports
  • Integration of data collected from the field using smartphones and tablets