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IMS Training with Wuthathi CRA (Yodie)

The Wuthathi CRA (Yodie) has requested to be trained to use some of the more sophisticated functionality of their customised information management system (IMS). Specifically, Yodie would like to understand how to build forms (the basic data-entry components of the database), so that Wuthathi can record new types of information on-the-go, as they become needed.

This type of functionally is quite complex and challenging for relatively new users and goes beyond what we would usually deliver for our clients involved in monitoring and evaluation programs. Nevertheless, we have agreed to design and deliver a training program that is specifically focussed on the design and composition of forms.

Learning note:

Although we were surprised by this request, it is very heartening to hear that Yodie (and Wuthathi) are genuinely interested in maximising the potential of the IMS and wish to extend their knowledge of its mechanics. This type of training is somewhat new for us to deliver and provides an opportunity to develop our suite of training. 

So far it has also provided insight into how Yodie views and engages with the IMS, which has provided insights that would not have been available otherwise. These insights are probably too subtle and complex to outline here but they will certainly help in the future with how Yodie and Wuthathi engage with their system and use it to their advantage. 

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