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Occupational Health and Safety Standard Operating Procedures

ESS provides a structured environment within our systems for clients to manage and record Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) information. Our platform aligns with clients' OH&S Standard Operating Procedures, enabling them to record hazards, conduct risk assessments, automatically generate safety checklists based on a job, as well as conduct incident reporting, incident investigations and corrective actions. Together, these steps provide for a safer work environment and allow meaningful lessons to be learned, communicated and applied throughout organisations following an incident.

Key features:
  • Managing all aspects of OH&S using a single online database (integrated into a larger information management system)
  • Defines roles and responsibilities of key staff members
  • Identifies, records and manages hazard information (and corrective actions to reduce the risk of a hazard)
  • Generates hazard risk assessments and safety checklists for each job/activity
  • Facilitates incident management, reporting and response planning
Projects involving Assessing cultural and ecological impacts from industry:

Karajarri Traditional Lands Association

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