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Field-based Data Collection

We provide clients with data collection tools, methodologies and skills for recording cultural, ecological and operational information while in the field. Harnessing the latest tablet and smartphone technology, we equip land, sea and cultural heritage managers with the tools and skills they need to record whatever data they choose. The large screens of the devices allow the use of pictorial data collection methods, easy typing of details (names and descriptions), collection of photographs and the recording of GPS locations. Moving maps can be used on these devices for easy navigation throughout the landscape. Once captured these data can be sent to a centralised database and stored for future use.

ESS also provides groups with support to develop data collection methodologies and training to build the capacity required to undertake field-based data collection.    

Key features:
  • Provision of the latest easy-to-use data collection technologies
  • Capacity to collect a variety of data and data types while in the field
  • Automatic upload and storage of all data that is collected in the field
  • Assistance to collaboratively develop field-data collection methodologies
  • Delivery of training to build the necessary data collection capacity
Projects using field-based data collection:

Ngadju Conservation

Torres Strait Indigenous Ranger Groups 

Great Barrier Reef Indigenous monitoring groups

Kakadu West-Arnhem Ranger Network

Njanjma Aboriginal Corporation

Piikani Nation

Karajarri Traditional Lands Association

Samson Cree Nation

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