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Torres Strait Regional Authority


The Torres Strait Regional Authority’s Land and Sea Management Unit (LSMU) is responsible for looking after the cultural and environmental values of the region (as set out by their Land and Sea Management Strategy). A major part of the LSMU’s work involves coordinating, supporting and building the capacity of the 13 Indigenous Ranger groups that work on all of the islands of the Torres Strait.

ESS has worked with the LSMU to develop a work planning and scheduling system for all land and cultural heritage management work in the Torres Strait. Since then, our role has expanded to become involved in providing systems for each island and/or Ranger group to collect, record and manage traditional knowledge.

More recently, ESS has worked collaboratively with the TSRA to develop a Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) framework that allows the LSMU and ranger teams to evaluate the outcomes of their work against the key values established by the Land and Sea Management Strategy.

Solutions provided:

Project management and work planning

Cultural heritage and traditional knowledge recording

MERI systems

Integration of seasonal knowledge and seasonal calendars into work plans