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Great Barrier Reef Foundation - Traditional Owner-led monitoring, evaluation and reporting (MER)

ESS are engaged by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to deliver the information management tools and on-ground coordination for the Traditional Owner-led Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Pilot Program (TO IMR). This ground-breaking initiative seeks to empower Reef Traditional Owners to become engaged in monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on the health of the Reef, based on their own cultural values. 

The core principle behind the project involves providing Traditional Owner groups with the tools and capacity required to design and execute an ongoing monitoring, evaluation and reporting (MER) program, which it is ESS's responsibility to deliver.

ESS works closely with each of the Traditional Owner groups involved in the Pilot to develop their own culturally specific and appropriate MER program and methodology. This is followed by the provision of tailored information management tools and training to ensure that each group can deliver the program and communicate its outcomes.

Key Solutions:

Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting (MER) programs

Field-based data collection

Traditional knowledge guardianship

Assessing Cultural and ecological impacts of development

Project management and work-planning

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