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Thamarrurr Development Corporation

Thamarrurr Development Corporation (TDC) represents the 20 clans of the Thamarrurr Region (around the community of Wadeye, NT) in relation to their business, socio-economic development, employment and community training goals. Their Ranger program, established in 2001, works across the lands and waters of the TDC’s clan estates, with a particular focus on biosecurity conservation and invasive species/biosecurity control.

ESS have worked with TDC to develop and implement a content management system that stores and organises their newly developed Healthy Country Plan. Besides storing and presenting the HCP in an accessible and logical way, the CMS is structured to emphasise the connections between the Plan’s directives and Ranger activities.

While the system is being populated with HCP and cultural heritage information, ESS has provided the Rangers with customise field-based data collection tools, which they use to record details of their land and sea biosecurity patrols. Data collected in the field (which is automatically synchronised with the content management system) is used to populate customised reports within the system, which in turn are provided to funding bodies, such as the biosecurity agencies that fund invasive species control operations.

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