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Kakadu West-Arnhem Ranger Network

The Djurrubu, Jawoyn and Njanjma Ranger groups look after their country in the west-Arnhem region of the Northern Territory. Substantial tracts of this country are situated inside Kakadu National Park, where each group wishes to increase their scope and volume of work, particularly through fee-for service agreements with the Park.

ESS has been funded through the Kakadu West-Arnhem Social Trust to provide each group with practical business information management systems that establishes a set of regional standards for planning, recording and reporting on their work. Each group now has a set of sophisticated tools and specific data standards through which they record and report their land and cultural management work. These systems and standards have:

  • resulted in regional consistency for how fee-for-service contracts are delivered and accounted for
  • enhanced each group’s capacity to deliver fee-for-service contracts for Kakadu National Park and other contractors such as academic institutions, environmental organisations and industrial developers.
  • made each group a more attractive, professional and accountable service provider, especially for conducting work in Kakadu National Park
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