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Karajarri Traditional Lands Association

Karajarri Traditional Lands Association seek to create sustainable futures for their people, culture and country in line with the priorities set out by their Healthy Country Plan. ESS’s work with Karajarri began through the development of Miranu Janka Wankayi Karajarriku (Keeping Knowledge Alive for Karajarri People) - a database used for cataloguing cultural and natural heritage and traditional knowledge. Since its implementation, this resource has expanded to meet the growing needs of the KTLA's land and cultural management organisation, which now includes:

Recently, ESS has embarked on a project to protect and reinvigorate the use of Karajarri language. The Turkujana Muwarr Turkujana Ngurrajangka (Looking after Language by Looking after Country) project embeds Karajarri language into the Miranu Janka Wankayi Karajarriku system. This ensures that language is frequently and practically engaged with, and used in a contemporary and relevant context. The merit of this project was recognised by the Federal Indigenous Languages and Arts Program, who supported it with grant funding.

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