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Karajarri Traditional Lands Association


Karajarri Traditional Lands Association (located in the south-west Kimberley region of Western Australia) are responsible for looking after country and culture and creating sustainable futures for people on country. ESS’s work with Karajarri began through developing and implementing a cultural heritage database, but has recently expanded to include business management, work planning and a MERI (monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement) frameworks.

Most recently ESS has embarked on a project to protect and reinvigorate the use of Karajarri language among Rangers, the community and young people. The project embeds Karajarri language into the Karajarri cultural database and informations system. This ensures that Rangers and the community will frequently and practically engage with, and use, Karajarri language in a contemporary and relevant context.This is particularly the case for the Karajarri Rangers who use the database daily to organise and report on their activities.

The merit of this language project has been recognised by the Federal Government’s Indigenous Languages and Arts Program, who have generously supported it with grant funding.

Solutions provided:

Cultural heritage databases

Project management and work planning

MERI frameworks