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Piikani Nation


The traditional lands of the Piikani Nation (based in Brockett, south-west Alberta, Canada) are increasingly the target of industrial development projects. The Piikani Nation Consultation Office is responsible for liaising with developers to ensure that the Piikani Nation’s interests and traditional lands are safeguarded against adverse potential impacts of development. 

To assist the Consultation Office refine and improve their traditional land use information, industry consultation and reporting, ESS developed the Piikani Nation Cultural and Ecological Information Management System (CEIMS). The system has helped to manage cultural information, disseminate relevant information to developers, manage project time frames and guidelines, and begin to develop a cultural monitoring program to measure the cumulative impacts of development.

Es has also assisted Piikani nation to develop a cultural and environmental monitoring program to measure the cumulative and specific effects of development on their values. This enhances their capacity to understand the effects of development, a sounder knowledge base on which to approve of reject potential developments, and a more informed position to recommend and enforce strategies to minimise impacts.

Solutions provided:

Cultural heritage and traditional knowledge recording

Assessing cultural and ecological impacts from industry

Community-based monitoring

Field-based data collection