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Piikani Nation

The Piikani Nation’s territory is increasingly the target of industrial development projects. ESS has worked with the Piikani Nation Consultation Office to develop tools and strategies for safeguarding the cultural values for their Territory amid this development. This has involved the development and implementation of the Piikani Nation Cultural and Ecological Information Management System (CEIMS), which incorporates:

  • A resource for recording and managing cultural heritage
  • Project management tools, including work planning and scheduling
  • Community-based cultural monitoring program (including data-collection)
  • Community-based cultural impact assessments for industrial developers

Together, the tools embedded in the CEIMS enhance Piikani’s capacity to record cultural knowledge and heritage, understand the effects of development on this heritage, provide a sounder knowledge base on which to approve or reject potential developments, more powerful communication with developers, and a more informed position to recommend and enforce strategies to minimise impacts. 

Key Solutions:

Field-based data collection

Cultural heritage and traditional knowledge management

Project management and work planning

Cultural and ecological monitoring  

Assessing cultural and ecological impacts for industrial developers

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