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Central Land Council

ESS designed and implemented 'Work Tracker' for the Central Land Council (CLC) Land Management section. Work Tracker is an integrated planning and reporting system used for managing the activities conducted by this team of over 200 people working across a large part of the Northern Territory. 

The system allows CLC to deal with the many different activities that need to be completed to successfully manage natural and cultural resources. These activities are typically defined via 'Working on Country' work plans (e.g. for Indigenous Rangers), or alternatively via staff/project plans (e.g. for other staff). The activities are designed with community and Traditional Owner input and require a range of approvals before they can be executed by the team. The Work Tracker allows CLC to:

  • simplify the planning of activities to be undertaken by staff
  • track the approvals given through the planning and delivery of these activities
  • record the effort and details of the work completed
  • provide up-to-date reporting of progress and achievement against the expectations set in the work plans
  • output templated reports for funding agencies and stakeholders

The system provides the single point-of-truth about the work outputs produced by the different regional teams, which is essential to meet the reporting demands of stakeholders and funding agencies, as well as providing the necessary oversight of this important land management effort.

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