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Project management and work planning

Putting land, sea and cultural management projects and work plans into action can be difficult and cumbersome to keep track of. However, ESS has tools to make project management and work planning easy.

We work with clients to develop project management and work-planning systems that ensure that work can be scheduled, assigned to staff, completed and reported on accurately and easily. The systems allow work plans to be uploaded. From these work plans, specific jobs can be scheduled and assigned to staff members. This provides each staff member with a calendar of pending tasks that require them to undertake. Staff and managers use the system to record progress against these jobs, which allows the status of activities and projects to be tracked in real time.  

Managers and supervisors also have the capacity to manage budgets through the system, and measure outcomes against a set of predefined targets. Together, this enables organisations to understand progress, identify financial or performance issues before they become major problems, and allocate resources most efficiently.

Our project management systems can also be equipped with reporting tools that generate customised automatic updates about progress against activities and/or budgets. This reporting capability has helped expanding organisations’ operational transparency, which makes it easy for them to demonstrate the quality of their performance.

Key features:
  • Ability to directly load project timelines and work plans and targets into the systems
  • Easy to schedule activities and assign tasks to staff
  • Ability to monitor progress of projects, activities and jobs in real-time
  • Identifies potential problems, delays, budgeting issues easily and quickly
  • Reporting tools that create transparency and clearly demonstrate progress to internal and external audiences
Projects using project management and work planning:

Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation

Central Land Council

Ngadju Conservation

Kakadu National Park

Torres Strait Regional Authority

Piikani Nation

Njanjma Aboriginal Corporation

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