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Visitor Management and Permits

Increasing numbers of tourists are visiting Aboriginal country. Traditional Owners and Rangers wish to manage and monitor these visitors to ensure that enjoy their time on country and respect its natural and cultural heritage while they are there.

ESS is assisting Aboriginal groups to develop permit and visitor management systems to monitor visitors to country, and to inform them about the visitor engagement options that are available to them while they are there. These systems allows Rangers to monitor and enforce visitor compliance, teaches visitors about the work that the rangers do, enhances the visibility of local tourism enterprises, and provides important visitor data for local tourism businesses.

Key features:
  • An online system that sells and manages visitor permits
  • Visitor permit information is provided directly to Rangers, who can more effectively carry out checks and enforcement
  • Greater ability for Indigenous groups to manage visitors on their country
  • Increased capacity to record data about visitors to country
  • Ability to promote on-country visitor engagement options
Projects involving visitor management and permits:

Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation

Njanjma Aboriginal Corporation

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