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MERI systems


ESS is involved in developing and implementing monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement (MERI) systems for land management organisations. Effective MERI frameworks are crucial components of successful natural and cultural heritage management. MERI systems are needed by land management organisations, as they seek to ensure that all data that is captured about work is connected improving and maximising outcomes in line with the broad targets of the organisation. Our MERI systems improve work practice, while increasing transparency and accountability to external partners, including funding bodies.

Key features:

  • Systems that link on-ground action with overall targets
  • Ability to monitor and measure performance against these targets
  • Collaborative development of indicators for measuring performance and outcomes
  • Implementation of effective monitoring methods and technologies to produce meaningful data through which evaluations can be made
  • Provision of tools and reporting methods for communicating outcomes and performance to a variety of audiences

Projects involving MERI frameworks:

Torres Strait Regional Authority

Karajarri Traditional Lands Association